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Best known as a manufacturer of user-focused equipment, Star Trac are one of the fitness business’ preeminent creators of innovative cardiovascular products. From beginners to advanced athletes, Star Trac dedicate themselves to making exercise such a compelling experience, that people want to make health and fitness a lifelong commitment.
Established in 1997 Ivanko proudly features the best barbell weightlifting equipment the fitness equipment market currently has to offer. From plates, bars and collars, dumbells and sets Ivanko produces a quality that meets Olympic standard, making their weights exceptionally accurate.
York has been one of the biggest names in the global fitness equipment industry for almost 75 years. Their commercial gym equipment is used by high profile sports such as the UK premier league rugby teams such as Northampton Saints, Saracens, Harlequins and Borders. York guarantees to give a quality workout with quality products.
Sportesse is now recognised as one of the leading brands in 'Resistant Fitness Equipment'. With over 20 years in product design and munufacture Sportesse equipment guarantees to give the ultimate work out. Their philosophy is "Fitness equipment made by fitness fanatics".

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