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Star Trac Pro Stepper

  • Soft Trac® pedals provide ultimate shock-absorbing
    comfort throughout the entire workout.
  • Supportive Handrails including an Aero Bar that
    runs over the display for comfortable hand
    placement at every angle.
  • Star Trac’s Popular Personal Fan creates a more
    rewarding workout.
  • Motivational Workout Programs including
    Famous Steps,™ which allows users to select from 9
    famous landmarks from around the world.
  • Muscle-Specific Workout Programs including
    Glute Sculptor and Thigh Toner

Star Trac 4500 Jogger

  • Motor is 25% more powerful than previous models.
  • New electronic controller and 100% larger flywheel provide enhanced performance and increased efficiency, reliability and durability.
  • Sealed elevation and speed sensors.
  • Aircraft quality heli-arc welded uni-frame.
  • Two piece floating deck minimizes impact on the lower body.
  • One touch of the handrail-mounted emergency stop button.
  • Crowned head and tail roller.
  • Eight preset programs plus custom programmability and manual control.

Star Trac 4410HR

  • Offers the sleek design and styling with the smooth feel of its belt drive system.
  • Contoured backrest set design, offers optimum lumbar support, comfort and easy leg movement.
  • great graphical display, this Star Trac 4410HR Remanufactured Recumbent Bike allows you to choose from a variety of different programs and the ability to scroll between different performances readouts on its display.


Star Trac Pro 6300

  • plush seat is designed with ergonomics in mind, taking into consideration the different physiques of both men and women.
  • Features room to accommodate a personal stereo, reading material, a towel and a water bottle. Easy-to-read digital screen with user-friendly programs.
  • Steady Heart Rate Control, which is designed to keep the user at a desired heart rate.

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